Instructor: Dieter Flury, Principal Flute, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

‘He likes to focus on a lot of detail and style and control of the body which I really appreciate. I have some things I really want to work on. He wants the center of the body to translate into the center of the sound…..(he said) if you focus on being more still and acting like an actress where you can emote what you want but maintain control over your body, you can translate much better…..this analogy was helpful because you don’t have to eliminate any of the feeling.’

Annie Wu - Flute
Pleasanton, CA
New England Conservatory/Harvard University

‘I had difficulty shaping my libretto into the phrase and I’m used to maybe thinking about it quite linearly and as separated notes…... he was describing a way to think of the libretto moving between the intervals in kinds of blocks. The way he was describing it as existing between different makes me more excited to get back into the practice room and try to experiment…I really appreciated hearing from someone…especially a principal flutist from one of the greatest orchestras in the world, that it all comes down to thinking about the music – thinking about what the shape, the line, the phrase requires of you and that should inform all the things you do….to always know what the music is asking of you’

Alex Ishov – Flute
Philadelphia, PA and St. Petersburg, Russia
Eastman School of Music


Instructor: Tamas Varga, Principal Cellist, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

‘He provided exaggerated contrasts which comes from working all the technical and musical ideas from a very different perspective. From his experience I could incorporate contrast and also really look into what the composer is trying to interpret in the music. ‘

Simon Housner - Cello
Cherry Hill, NJ
High School – Home schooled

‘I learned that it is imperative to follow through with every marking that the composer puts in the music.  Although my interpretation is valuable, I learned that the intentions of the composer are more important. I can definitely apply Mr. Varga's sound which has an incredible level of quality and core.’

Ryan Chung – Cello
Manhasset, NY


Instructor: Dietmar Kueblboeck, 1st Trombone, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

‘He told me I needed to just approach everything like a warm up, especially in lyrical spots and when I did that, I just really had a different mindset. It helped me relax my way through the music and made things really easy… understanding those ideas and flipping my mindset upside down was difficult at first……Normally I am in a totally different mindset when I warm up. Warming up, it’s more like I have a blank slate in my mind….and if I’m performing, I’ll approach music in a different way, I’ll approach it very thoughtfully, but he pointed out to me that I should take away some of that thinking and let everything flow and that really helped me….to relax and let the music happen instead of forcing it’

Ethan Shrier – Tenor Trombone
Potomac, MD
Winston Churchill High School