‘(The Master Class) was really insightful...inviting…and challenging…everyone played such different pieces and everyone plays so differently. It was nice to hear how he (Mr. Flury) treats and works with different people. Listening to him talk was really exciting because although he is an orchestral player, he has such a soloistic way of thinking about music and I’m sure it translates into his principal flute playing as well. So, to have that mindset of intention but also translating a lot of expressiveness is exciting.’

Annie Wu – Flute
Pleasanton, CA
New England Conservatory/Harvard University

‘It was a really great experience...It’s always great to play for European players because they have a very different approach to talking about music...the words they use, the way they describe phrasing...describing similar concepts in a different way in different language…I felt this instant connection as if I was in a private lesson with this person and he is working with me and I’m working with him and there was an exchange of ideas and not just him talking at me and me playing. I really liked that.’

Alex Ishov – Flute
Philadelphia, PA and St. Petersburg, Russia
Eastman School of Music

‘It was an awesome experience’

Simon Housner - Cello
Cherry Hill, NJ

‘I found the Master Class to be very informative and constructive to my growth as a musician. This experience was different in that it was more serious and intense than other master classes I have been part of. It was quite an honor to be part of the inaugural Master Class Program.’

Ryan Chung – Cello
Manhasset, NY