On December 28, 2018 the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra announced that they would open a new Orchestra Academy in Vienna in September 2019.

As the Orchestra’s inimitable style and sound has been influenced by their close artistic collaboration with the most prominent conductors and soloists since their founding in 1842, the Orchestra has embarked on this Academy to impart the same level of interaction and tradition to the next generation of top young musicians.

The Academy will offer admission to 12 music students aged 18 – 27 across musical instruments for a 2 year course of study which will include private lessons with VPO musicians, chamber music instruction and performance, audition preparation and orchestral training with the Orchestra. Following auditions in Europe and the United States, students will be selected and classes will begin in September 2019.

Academy students will be accompanied by individual members of the orchestra as pedagogues and mentors, working with them in the preparation of solo repertoire at the highest level. Students will also have the opportunity to perform chamber music on stage with members of the Orchestra. This will offer Academy students the opportunity to experience first-hand a unique style of playing, a variety of interpretations and the Orchestra's inimitable sound, all based on long-established traditions. They will work with the greatest conductors and most renowned soloists of our time and perform with the Vienna Philharmonic in the world's most famous concert halls, experiencing the unbridled enthusiasm of international audiences. It is this passion for music and dedication to the profession which the Orchestra wishes to pass on to the next generations.

Course of Instruction

During this two-year course of study, Academy students will be familiarized with all aspects of the musical profession. They will have the opportunity to tap the full potential of the Orchestra's artistic resources; from solo appearances to concert tours with the Vienna Philharmonic as part of the orchestral training program.

Individual private lessons provide ongoing artistic supervision, as members of the orchestra communicate the distinctiveness of the Viennese sound and style to Academy students and accompany them in the preparation and perfecting of their respective solo repertoire. Rehearsal pianists are available for the academy students, as are opportunities for studio concerts.

For numerous chamber music concerts, many of which will take place in the various halls of the Vienna Musikverein, the Academy students will receive coaching sessions as well as opportunities to perform together with members of the Orchestra.

Audition preparation is offered to Academy students in order to prepare them for auditions with the Vienna Philharmonic as well as for auditions with other reputable orchestras.

The orchestral training program enables Academy students to take part in Vienna Philharmonic rehearsals, concerts and tours. In their daily work with Orchestra musicians, they will be immersed in the great diversity of orchestral repertoire and have the opportunity to experience great conductors at work.

Additional Program Components

A diversified program of additional activities is designed to supplement and complete the educational program at all levels.

  • Lectures and encounters with conductors, soloists and members of the Orchestra

  • Informational events in relation to concert programs and concert cycles of the Vienna Philharmonic

  • Visits to museums and archives, for example, to the historical archives of the Vienna Philharmonic and the Society of Friends of Musik (Musikverein); Haus der Musik, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (Austrian National Library), Library of the Melk Monastery, among others

  • Presentations by music instrument manufacturers for strings and winds, excursions to instrument factories and shops

  • Mental and presentation coaching

  • Medical and Physiotherapeutical Guidance by our specialized PhilFit Team: prophylaxis and prevention of occupational illnesses as well as problems with the locomotor system resulting from improper posture; Information and prophylaxis; collaboration with the Vienna General Hospital and meduni Wien

  • Cultural Diversity of the City of Vienna – opportunities to attend various cultural events

The Vienna Philharmonic Society is a founding donor of the Academy and is proud to support the training of the next generation of classical musicians at this unique and prestigious Academy.