On June 14, 2017, all Austrian professional orchestras engaged in communities with special orchestral projects. All of these will be taking place at the same time and include concerts, performances, rehearsal attendances, inductions, workshops, and more. The projects aim to cover the entire bandwidth of orchestras in Austria, highlighting the special significance of each performance location and region and, in particular, the local target audiences that each project addresses. The focus is on interaction with the audience.

The Vienna Philharmonic participated in this initiative through a special project with five school classes under the motto of "Introduction of the Work by Pupils for Pupils". Each class has studied Stravinsky’s Firebird from the following different perspectives: What were the composer’s thoughts on this piece? What was life like in his day? Who commissioned his work? Did the historical or political background play a role? The five school classes will meet in the Haus der Musik sound museum in Vienna to present their discoveries and results to each other The participating members of the orchestra are Christoph Koncz and Martin Klimek (violin), Walter Auer (flute), and Peter Steiner (trombone).