The Vienna Philharmonic Society seeks to enrich the lives of New Yorkers through cultural programming aimed at enhancing people’s love and appreciation of classical music, while also expanding our educational opportunities for music students in elementary schools, high schools and conservatories.

Through our initiatives, initially in New York, and eventually in other cities visited by the Orchestra, we seek to offer unique access to instruction for gifted musicians to study with principals of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra to learn the nuances of the Viennese sound via Master Classes, String Workshops, and Side by Side Concerts. They will have the opportunity to observe the Orchestra during rehearsals and interact with the conductor and Graduate Level students will compete for Fellowships with the Orchestra in Vienna. We will also be offering need based partial scholarships to elementary and conservatory students to help them pursue their musical aspirations.

The arts do not shape events, the arts shape man and man shapes events. It is our goal to foster learning and creativity through a shared experience in music for the search for beauty, expression of emotion and reflection of our common pursuit of a meaningful and satisfying life.

We hope you will join us.